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FPF is a family setup foundation based on the Fleurieu Peninsular south of Adelaide in South Australia. As the name implies, its goal is philanthropy which is defined by wikipedia as "private initiatives, for the public good, focusing on quality of life,".

FPF setup a fund in 2009/10 to generate an income that would then be distributed to worthy causes with a preference to causes close to the autism community's needs in and around the Fleurieu Peninsular.

Currently the fund produces an income sufficient to distribute around $130,000 - $150,000 per year.

FPF will most likely be only fundning 2 major projects over the next few years.

1. Asperlutely Autsome Inc's workshops for homeschoolers on the Fleurieu.

2. Aspire To Inspire Together's autism wellbeing centre in Port Elliot.

Other applications may be submitted but are unlikely to succeed.

Who can apply?

As a Private Ancillary Fund we cannot donate to individuals or to companies, however charities (and other Deductible Gift Recipients) can give to individuals, and we can give to DGRs. If you are not a DGR, please contact a relevant one (e.g. a charity such as Variety, Asperlutely Autsome, Aspire To Inspire Together, Autism SA or a DGA such as a public hospital, public university) and ask them to apply on your behalf. If the DGR imposes an admin fee to handle your application, please advise us of this in the application. Please provide proof of your DGR status in your application.

How to apply..

Applications should initially be kept brief (one page), explaining what funds are needed and what and where they will be used for. We will contact you for more detailed information should we need it, so have a fully budgeted proposal ready. It is important that you fully disclose ALL income and expenses for your project's budget, and not pick and choose what to share with us.

All correspondence should be via the spam-proof email address spelled out below.

apply AT fleurieu-philanthropy DOT org   (this address will change periodically)

Applicants should receive email confirmation of their application within one week, please resend the application if you don't hear from us within a week.

We accept applications all year round and assess each on the basis of urgency of the request and availability of funding. We currently aim to distribute around $150,000 per annum. To date we have distributed around $940,000

About the FPF

Where has the funding gone to date?

Event Assistance: If you're looking for the application forms for assistance to participate in an existing FPF sponsored event, you can download a PDF versions or a Word version.

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